Cool as ice cream

I’ve been in a heavy Smashing Pumpkins phase for the past few days. This song, “La Dolly Vita”, is the thirteenth track on one of my favorite albums from the Pumpkins, Pisces Iscariot. It’s interesting to note that this album is actually just a collection of B-sides and rarities. I think it was released in combination with their first home video, Vieuphoria.

Listening to this song, you get the feeling Billy (Corgan) was in an other worldly state of mind during the recording of this track. His Zenlike mood becomes evident as the slow groove sends waves of awesome directly into your sound holes (yes, I said sound holes).

The line “cool as ice cream” is great, it has so many meanings when you sit and think about it. To me, Billy is talking about spending some time with an awesome girl who he finds to be cool as ice cream. Rather, he’s having a good time living the “good life” with a cool chick. We all know those times. Wonderful Friday nights spent just enjoying the fact the other person exists in the same space-time you inhabit. Normally, music makes me look at the past but, that’s not true with this song. It’s allowing me look to the future as I enjoy the present, for a change. It’s almost like the song is mirroring the comfortably slow speed of the relationship I’m forming with two special girls. Good things can happen it seems, when you stay cool as ice cream. 😉