Interest in the Jedi Shadow

This video is not the Jedi Shadow in action, it’s the Sith Assassin. However, the two classes will share similar mechanics. The video shows the class preforming a shadow step type finishing move. Seeing this the first time replaced my interest in the Bounty Hunter class with an interest in a “rogue” type class. I have had many years experience with this class type. Starting with the stealther classes of DAOC and into the WOW Arena as a Mutilation Rogue. Anyway, this is what sparked my interest 😉


SWTOR Jedi Shadow Project

This category will be devoted to the future progress of my Jedi Shadow character in Star Wars : The Old Republic. My goal will be to show the initial progression of both PVE and PVP elements as my character grows and then continuing on into endgame elements. Expect picture and videos along with write ups about the class mechanics. I also plan on featuring my own solo “gank” PVP vids.